Complete IT Management

Lakes Networking has a range of specialised staff that allows us to manage all of your companies IT requirements and allows you to focus on running your business. We believe that small to mid size business should get excellent IT support despite smaller IT budgets.

Benefits of selecting Lakes Networking

  1. Peace of Mind
    We discover and fix problems before they can negatively affect your business as we monitor all systems, 24/7/365. Using the latest In Network Security we keep your business safe from viruses, hackers, spyware and even disgruntled employees. Taking advantage of our Fixed price (capped) Unlimited IT Support plans also means no surprises ad no hidden costs – we keep IT costs stable and predictable.
  2. Increased performance, less error messages and practically no downtime
    This is what we deliver. As systems age and degrade in performance over time it can produce slowness, crashes and greatly effects productivity. We regularly provide critical System Maintenances  that make sure your Network receives the attention it requires for maximum speed, performance and reliability
  3. Focus on your business
    We take care of your systems and suppliers. We manage all the procuring and on-boarding so you don’t have to. Lakes also provides regular updates on how technology can affect your bottom line. Our Fixed price IT Support Plans include all onsite and remote support, allowing you to focus on your business and leaving the technology to us.

What does Lakes cover?

Lakes is able to provide your business all the IT Services it requires and this mean less worry and less costs. Utilising the full extent of the Lakes Group we provide the following services

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