Locky Ransomware - Updated Cryptolocker Threat

A new variant of Cryptolocker has recently surfaced that is being referred to as Locky Ransomware.

In 2015 we updated all clients about the threat surrounding Cryptolocker and the steps to take when opening new emails to avoid your Network becoming infected. See News Article Here

Locky works in a similar method to previous Crypto variants with an email in your Inbox that includes an attachment. The email will try to imitate an email addres within your Company in order to trick you into opening.

Some of the examples we have seen recently appear as per the below with the Subject Title Scanned Image and is accompanied by a .zip file attachment.

Upon opening the .zip file the user will be presented with a JavaScript file (.js) that if opened will infect your PC with the virus.

A similar version may also appear in your Inbox with the following appearance

As always, if you ever receive an email with an attachment please make sure it is from a user who you regularly deal with and would expect to receive attachments. If ever in doubt, always check with the sender or contact the Lakes Support Desk who can assist.