Lakes Won An Award

As you all know Lakes likes to give back to the community where we can.  Many of our staff have strong volunteering backgrounds, thus early on in Lakes development, Lakes self-imposed mandate to give back to the community as much as possible.  We achieve this by offering free of reduced services to key Non for Profit organisations, leveraging our skills and services to help these organisation save on IT spending and put the money where it is needed the most.  One organisation that we work with constantly is Kids are Kids (KAK). 

The guys at Kids are kids directly engage children from all warps of life with learning and speech disabilities, and they are amongst some of the true unsung heroes in our community.  Every time we visit the KAK offices we see real life children benefiting from these services.  Each year Lakes attends the KAK annual Black tie event. 

This event is both a fund raising event and opportunity for KAK to engage sponsors, staff and general supporters.  It was fair to say that all the Lakes staff were taken by surprise when Lakes was awarded the very first “Business Supporter of the Year” award.  We once again would like to thank the staff at KAK for this award, but I would also like to pass on our thanks to all of you.  Without our clients support, Lakes would not be able to support KAK.  And I can say with certainty that without that support there would be children out there right now who would not have received the care that they have if this was not the case.