Lakes Launches New Services

Lakes Networking turned 5 in 2013.  To celebrate we through our first ever client Christmas Party, we also figured it was the perfect event to launch our new products and services.

Upon arriving at our Christmas event, guests were greeted by one of our new products at the front door, a Mobotix Q24 which both took a photo and announced a welcome message.  Guests were then very surprised to see their photo on the big screen when they entered the main event (many wanting to go back retake thier photo to capture their good side).  It didn’t take long for guests to put 2 and 2 together and figure out new range of services revolved around CCTV and Security (especially since we had another 8 cameras on various displays inside). 

It’s no secret that Lakes has been implementing CCTV and access control systems for some time.  However 2013 saw us really focus on new and emerging technologies in this sector. 

You might point out that CCTV is nothing new, but only recently has CCTV become a digital IT based product and Mobotix are certainly leading the industry.  As each and every Mobotix camera is a self-contained unit, the sheer level of sophistication is outstanding, from alerting on activity to integrating with phone systems, these cameras are second to none.  Oh and of course let’s not forget that the picture quality blows most traditional CCTV cameras out of the water.

We would like to thank all our clients who could make the night, and a special thanks goes out to Steve Sommerfeld who took time out of his Crusty Deamon Monster Truck Tour to bring his custom FMX bike and stand to the night as well.