Good bye Kaspersky, Hello Webroot.

As part of our security offering, we have for the past 5 years or so been running with Kaspersky as our default Antivirus Application.  5 years ago, when we started with Kaspersky it was the upstart Russian firm with something to prove and was taking the world by storm.  But as is the cycle of Anti-Virous (AV) products, where Norton’s used to be king, then it was Trend, and for a long time Kaspersky, Kaspersky has also had a fall from grace.  Although still a good product, troubles over their involvement in the US\Russian Election scam have seen a massive drop in Kaspersky’s market share, particularly in the US. We have noticed this has resulted in a drastic drop in the level of support, frequency of updates and our overall happiness with the product.  So, for the past several months, we have been trying out various different replacements and one product that just keeps coming out on top is Webroot.  Webroot started life back in the late 90’s as a dedicated cleaner for windows and has released a steady flow of commercial products since.  In 2016 they saw the writing on the wall and decided to ditch signature-based AV detection which pretty much every Antivirus uses to detect infections and went back to the drawing board. 

Signature based detection, in its simplest form, compares every file it scans to a database of millions of samples of code from known virus’s.  This is the reason a virus scan can take hours, because every read and write file is compared to the database.  It’s also the reason that Antivirus programs can make your PC go so slow.  Webroot have thrown that system out the window and instead look at the behaviour of the file and what it is doing.  The results of which are shared with the Webroot learning cloud.  When some nasty stuff happens, this behaviour is uploaded and distributed to every Webroot client around the world.  So, within minutes of a new virus or crypto locker being released, the patch to stop it is pushed out to the world.  As such Webroot is taking the IT world by storm and has quickly become every IT persons favourite product, including Lakes.